Star Ocean The Second Story R Download PC

Explore the CEZ in this thrilling survival with STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R, a premium action game that promises a unique experience in every playthrough. Whether you follow Claude’s or Rena’s perspective, you’ll find yourself drawn into an epic quest that unfolds through various endings.

Star Ocean The Second Story R free Download

Visual Extravaganza

STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R’s visuals are a true highlight, seamlessly blending 2D pixel characters with 3D environments in a remarkable 2.5D style. With three difficulty modes, this game caters to a wide range of players. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed journey, a satisfying challenge, or a truly demanding test of your skills, there’s an option for you.

Two Protagonists, Endless Possibilities

The game features a unique dual protagonist system. Your choice between Claude or Rena not only alters the story but also the allies you can recruit. Building relationships with your party members through the Private Actions system opens up multiple endings. Moreover, including Japanese and English voiceovers adds depth to the storytelling and helps immerse you in the game’s world.

Explosive Battles and Strategic Mechanics

The battles in STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R are visually explosive, with fast-paced combat and innovative mechanics. The Break system, allowing for continuous damage, combined with Assault Actions, adds a strategic twist to defeating foes. The game’s customization options are extensive, letting you fine-tune your party with various skills, including Cooking, Art, and Metalcraft.

Enhanced Item Creation

The enhanced Item Creation system allows you to craft powerful gear with unique effects. With all tracks recomposed and even full-band performances, the music elevates the gaming experience.

System Requirements

While the game offers an exceptional experience, it’s crucial to note the heavy system requirements. To run smoothly, it demands at least 20GB of available space and a graphics card such as the AMD Radeon™ RX 460 or NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 Ti. The hefty requirements might pose challenges for players with less powerful systems.

Minimal System Requirements

StorageAt least 20GB of available space
Graphics CardAMD Radeon™ RX 460 or NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 Ti
Storage20 GB
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 1650 / Radeon RX 470 or better

Release Information

STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R was released on 02 November 2023. The game is developed and published by Square Enix / Gemdrops.

Similar Game Recommendation

For those who enjoy STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R, a similar and competitive game worth exploring is NieR: Automata. It shares NieR: Automata with STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R and provides an equally thrilling experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Three difficulty modes
  • Dual protagonist system
  • Extensive customization system
  • Immersive visuals and soundtrack


  • Heavy system requirements


STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R offers a captivating blend of fantasy and science fiction, with a unique visual style and dual protagonists. Its rich storytelling, intricate character development, and thrilling battles make it a standout action experience. While its high system requirements may limit accessibility, those who can run it will discover a modernized classic with an iconic soundtrack, making it a must-play for fans and newcomers alike.

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